Cross Media Campaigns

Raise campaign response rates and effectiveness, through our cross media solution.

Marketing Perspective


Your business wants more market share, so you make a marketing plan. Vendors will offer you a range of medium-specific options such as direct mailing, social media promotions, and even directory listings. We offer you something else, something different. With cross-media campaign’s you can target your audience with a direct mail campaign that people can follow into interactive content such as a homepage or landing page, SMS Message, Phone Call, Phonebook Contact, Calendar Entry, Map Location or even a Video. This ability to cross mediums, from print to digital/mobile allows us to track every single piece to its recipient, giving you real time analytics on the campaigns results.

Tracking & Measurement


Returns on your marketing investment are a priority for you and for us. Our campaigns are digitally tracked so that you can know how successful the campaign is. We do this by embedding a digital follow up to the campaign such as a QR code, shortened URL or text-to number. The postcard should offer an incentive for the person to utilize this link, once they do, we can track everything. Not only do our analytics provide overall statistics, but you also get to track each individual piece. Our system will tell you if your lead has received or engaged with the piece and if they have, it will tell you when, for how long, and how many times.

Personalized Content


We are all different people, and our individual characteristics are important when we are perceiving a piece of communication. CMG is aware of this and our crossmedia campaigns can deliver a different message, photo, link, coupon or any other content to each individual. For example, we can make a campaign for a court delivery service that targets attorneys in downtown. Then we can segment the communication by narrowing down the message to their practice area. We can even link the postcard to a map of courthouse routes that is specific to the courts they practice in. There is no limit to what we can achieve using personalized content.

Progressive Marketing


When you are creating a marketing campaign you are closing a deal. Whether you are promoting a new credit card or car wash, the end goal is the same. You want to close. When you are selling something, you are in a journey of negotiations and your stance and message should change as often as your lead changes their perception of the product or service. With progressive marketing we can link the recipient of a postcard to a different landing page every time. So for example, if a road bike company is targeting riders with a piece that shows off their latest bike, we can include a QR code that links the interested person with a video about the bikes technology. If the video is effective and the person is enticed to buy, there is a chance that they will scan for a second time, this time the link will show them a special offer on the bike. With this kind of responsive action, you will close the deal.

Live Push Content


In today’s market, things change at an unprecedented rate. You need to be flexible enough to adapt in order to compete. Crossmedia Marketing Group knows you need a partner that can offer dynamic solutions. Our live push content solution lets our clients change the digital content after the campaign has been sent or received. Imagine you launched a campaign for a corporate run in Miami, the original postcard linked the recipient to a landing page where they could buy tickets. This being Miami, there is a tropical storm coming and you need to let people know that the date for the run changed. With live push content we can change the landing page to an announcement for the re-scheduling of the race. Live push content offers message flexibility.


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