Direct Mailing Letters
Why Direct Mailing Letters?

Direct Mailing Letters is one of the most effective ways of reaching thousands of customers at a low cost per contact, higher than Direct Mailing Postcards, with a much higher response rate than email blasts and telemarketing, especially for reaching new customers.


Some of the advantages of the Direct Mailing Letters are:

  1. The message is enclosed in an envelope so you can play with expentancy and surprise.
  2. multiple sheets can be included
  3. can send confidential information for our customer's eye only.
  4. Most corporate/official way of reaching our customers.

When you couple our Direct Mailing Letters with One to One Marketing services you can greatly increase customer’s response rates or use it as a “Door Opener” for face to face meetings in a multi-staged marketing campaign.

Our direct mailing services are performed with state of the art mailing processing and composition software to comply with US Postal Services requirements. As a matter of fact we are what the US Postal Service calls a “Full Service” Mailer.

Service Scope
  1. Designed Letter/Envelope can be provided by customer or if you prefer, we can create the Letter/Envelope design for you through our Graphic Design Services.
  2. Mailing addresses can be provided by customer or if you prefer, we can gather the database for you through our Information Gathering Services.
  3. Mailing addresses validation (CASS Certified), in order to minimize returned mail due to bad addressing.
  4. Duplicate addresses and/or names removal based on customer’s request.
  5. Mailing addresses sorting (PAVE Certified), to comply with USPS Automation and Carrier Route requirements.
  6. High quality Letter and mailing address printing (no low quality inkjet addressing) on envelope or on the letter if using a windowed envelope.
  7. USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode printing.
  8. Folding of letter/s to fit envelope.
  9. Inserting of letter/s and defined inserts into the envelope.
  10. Standard Mail Regular Postage is included.
  11. Delivery to the US Postal Service General Mail Facility of Miami-Dade for final distribution.
US Postal Service Requirements

If mailing contains confidential information (statements, invoices or personal information) the US Postal Service requires First-Class Postage for these cases.

The US Postal Service requires a minimum of 200 pieces for Standard Mail mailings and 500 pieces for First-Class mailings.


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