One To One Marketing - Variable Composed Images

Variable Composed Elements Sample

  • The name was turned on flames using a random algorithm, even same letters have different flames!
  • Additionally, a reflection of the variable name was created.
One To One Marketing - Variable Images

Variable Text
Elements Sample

  • Variable Text was integrated in the chair's cloth, using the same perspective and angle.
One To One Marketing - Variable Text Elements

Variable Composed Image Sample

  • Variable data was integrated in message and then the light speed effect was generated.
Why One-to-One Marketing

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign can be attributed in large part to how your potential clients relate to the campaign. Much of this work is done at the information gathering process but we can also continue to narrow down the message with One-to-One Marketing.

How does your audience relate to the message? More importantly, do they relate to the message? The answer to these questions will determine how effective your campaign will be.

One-To-One Marketing has the ability to segment a campaign and target each segment. Instead of taking the one-size-fits-all approach, and making a single design for a nationwide, we can make designs that change based on your market segmentation. We can even make the segmentation based on individual recipients.

Variable Composed Image

This is the most advanced type of one-to-one marketing campaign we offer. In variable composed image campaigns variable graphics are based on one or more images and certain attributes. With this information, a composed image is generated for the marketing piece. We can write your potential clients name on the sand, set it on fire, or even put their name on a billboard. There are no limits to what we can achieve with variable composed images, your imagination can run free. More technical applications of variable composed images include the ability to plot variable data on graphic charts. For example, you can build variable pie, bar or line charts with your customers information. Our variable composed image technology can also be used to encode information into any barcode system such as:

  1. 2D Symbologies: Quick Response Barcode (QR Code), Datamatrix, PDF417, Aztec Code, CodaBlock, MaxiCode, etc.
  2. 1D Symbologies: EAN, UPC, Code128, Code 39, etc.
  3. Postal Symbologies: USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode, USPS Postnet, etc.

This ability allows us to make custom promotional campaigns based on barcodes that include sophisticated cross media. Cross media campaigns transcend platforms, from print to digital in order to complete the communication cycle. Some of these digital cross media elements include PURLS (Personalized URL’s) that can be included in QR codes, or encoded gift cards. This advanced form of marketing yields crucial analytics on the efficiency of your campaign and effectively closes the communication cycle by returning information on which recipients engaged with the marketing piece.

Variable Elements:

Text Elements  Color Elements  Image Elements  1D Barcode Elements  2D Barcode Elements 

  • Text
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Barcodes
  • QR-Codes

Bar Chart Elements  Pie Chart Elements  Line Chart Elements

  • Bar-Charts
  • Pie-Charts
  • Line-Charts


Case Study

Using variable text elements this agent has generated two different custom messages, one for property owners and the other for people who are renting/leasing the condo, according to information contained in the database. This way, she was able to address two different types of customer's needs with the same marketing campaign.

Variable Images

A more elaborate form of one-to-one marketing is adding variable images/photos to your marketing campaigns. When we compose thematic designs for variable image marketing pieces, we take into consideration variable colors, images, and texts that correspond to parameters defined by the database information. Making each piece personable to the recipient. This gives our clients the benefit of segmenting their mailing campaign for more targeted impact.

Variable Elements:

Text Elements  Color Elements  Image Elements 
  • Text
  • Colors
  • Images

Case Study

In this case, we have used different photos of buildings for each mailing address. The image that each recipient received in their postcard was of their particular building. The main objective was to create an emotional affiliation between something known, such as the place where the potential customer lives, and the postcard.

Variable Text Elements

Make your marketing more personable by including variable text. We can make any information contained in the list/database into a variable text element as part of the graphic design. We integrate the variable information into the design seamlessly, with any typeface, color, or placement.

We then apply the variable text elements into every marketing piece dynamically so that each piece of communication is tailored for an individual or group. You only have to define which type of variability you desire.

Variable Elements:

Text Elements
  • Text

Case Study

Using variable text elements this agent has generated two different custom messages, one for property owners and the other for people who are renting/leasing the condo, according to information contained in the database. With our Variable Text Elements, the client was able to address two different types of customer's needs with the same marketing campaign, forging a true one-to-one marketing campaign with thousands of impressions.


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